Why online instead of in person?

Online and telephone consultation/counseling has been shown to be as effective as in-person meetings.  Hopefully it will work well for you because you can avoid traffic and transitions and can get consultation from the comfort of your own home.

green-question-mark-2 public domainHow does it work?

Here is some information on how it works.

When can I schedule a session?

Our first session can usually be scheduled within two to three weeks.  We can discuss scheduling  during our initial phone conversation.  See Getting Started.

How many sessions will it take?

It depends. Usually we start with one or two sessions a week, and once we get rolling we can meet less frequently to touch base and review progress.  We can go at a pace that works for you.  See Getting Started for more information.

Can you provide diagnosis and medication?

You will have to visit your physician or psychiatrist for medication and meds management.  We do not need a diagnosis to proceed with consultation. I will help you identify your child’s lagging skills, and we will work from there.

How is this approach different?

Our focus will not be on the behaviors your child exhibits when he or she is having difficulty meeting your expectations.  We will not be addressing behaviors directly, and we will not assume that your child lacks motivation or incentive to do well. Our focus will be on identifying lagging skills and unsolved problems, and then solving the problems in a way that is realistic and mutually satisfactory, so that the problem behaviors subside or stop altogether.

Do you offer free consultation?

I’m happy to provide an initial phone chat completely free of charge where we can get a sense of whether this approach is a good match for your needs.

 What happens during online consultation?

A few minutes prior to our online video conference appointment, I will email you a link for our video conference, and all you have to do is click on the link at the time of our appointment to enter the “waiting room”.  We will have a conversation face-to-face, where we will cover the principles of the approach, and apply them to your particular situation.

Does my child need to participate?

I recommend including your child in at least part of each session.  I can get to know your child, and I can model and coach you in how to engage in a collaborative conversation.  We can also use role play and discussion about conversations, but it is by far more effective when we include your child.  The rest of the session can be consultation with parents.

What if my child refuses to participate?

If you are thinking your child might refuse to participate in our Skype sessions, my guess is that there are other circumstances where your child refuses to go along with your wishes! This is an example of what I call an unsolved problem.  This situation actually provides us with a good opportunity to engage in using the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model (CPS) to gather information about your child’s concerns and perspective, formulate and present your own concerns and perspective, and find a durable solution that is realistic and mutually satisfactory.