Getting Started

Scheduling an Appointment

cloud-computing-11299605484syQ public domainTo find out whether consultation is right for you, send me an email and we can set up an initial (free) telephone conversation.  During that conversation we can discuss the scheduling of our first online video conference (via Skype or a link I provide to my online video platform) or telephone appointment.


How it Works

Parents: During initial Skype appointments with parents, I enjoy the opportunity to meet the child at least briefly (although it is not absolutely necessary).  I will ask questions about everyday activities like getting up in the morning, getting out the door to school,  getting along with siblings, getting homework done, transitioning from video or computer games, going out in public, eating nutritious foods, and so on.

I will also want some time to talk with parents only, to review the lagging skills and unsolved problems that are getting in the way and resulting in problem behaviors.  We will also review different ways of thinking about challenging behaviors, and what is the most helpful way to think about them.

In sessions that follow, we can include the child for part of the session, so that parents can practice a certain kind of conversation with their child that is intended to get the information needed to solve problems durably, in order to reduce or eliminate the problem behaviors.

Teachers: For consultation with teachers, it is not practical to involve the student in our consultation sessions, however it might be useful if you could provide a recording of your conversation(s) with the student, with parental permission.

How many sessions will it take?

The number of sessions we need depends on several factors.  I have a certain set of skills that I want parents or teachers to learn so they can have effective conversations with their child or student.  We need time to learn and practice these skills.

Oftentimes there are other interfering factors, besides learning the skills, that need to be overcome as well.  For example, being able to find time for proactive conversations away from other siblings or students, being able to remain calm and neutral, being able to focus on one thing at a time while setting aside some of the other issues.

Usually we start with one or two sessions a week, and once we get rolling we can meet less frequently to touch base and review progress.  We can go at a pace that works for you.

Making a Payment

You can pay online via PayPal, or provide your credit card information during one of our sessions, and I will charge your card following each appointment.  Click here for more payment details.

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